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Dallas Psychiatric Associates - appt@dallaspsychiatry.com
17736 Preston Road, Suite 100 - (972) 248-2299

Our Practice
In November 2014, DPA celebrated thirteen years of serving people in the DFW area. The practice was founded with the goal of providing mental health care of the highest quality. Our mission is to improve people's lives, one at a time. We base our success on helping people live and feel better.

If you or your family are needing help, please contact a psychiatrist in your local area to make an appointment as soon as possible. Psychiatric problems are very treatable and delays in getting the care you need could be serious.

appt@dallaspsychiatry.com or call 972-248-2299 for an immediate appointment.

Why Us

As psychiatrists, child psychiatrists and other practitioners, DPA is uniquely qualified to assist you. We are experienced and caring physicians and other mental health professionals. Our service is affordable and responsive to your needs. Our treatments are comprehensive and evidence-based.

Our March Survey

Appointment Scheduling
Your call answered promptly: Great 100%
Scheduler greeted you in a friendly manner: Great 89% Appoinment within a reasonable time frame:  Great 89%
Receptionist greeted you with a smile: Great 90%
You were informed of any delays: Great 100%
Clinical Area
Medical Assistant greeted you warmly: Great 100%
Medical Assistant seemed knowledgeable: Great 100%
Your questions were answered adequately: Great 100%
Quality of care
Your provider listened to your concern(s): Great 90%
Your provider explained diagnosis thoroughly: Great 80%
Used language you could understand: Great 100%
Your problem(s) were addressed adequately: Great 90%
Wait Times
Reception Area: Minimal 30%. Acceptable 70%.
Exam Room: Minimal 50%. Acceptable 50%.
Would you recommend this practice to friends and family: 90%


What We Do

Medication Management

- Care
- Responsiveness
- Built on an effective approach of treating patients

Our psychiatrists spend time with each person to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our treatment is caring, respectful and responsive to your needs.

Individual Therapy/Family Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Based on a therapeutic modality developed by Drs. Segal, Williams and Teasdale of Oxford University, MBCT "combines the ideas of cognitive therapy with meditative practices and attitudes based on the cultivation of mindfulness." MBCT is successful in preventing relapse of depression without using medication.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive
Group Therapy Sessions are going to be offered once a week here at DPA. Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy is a technique that involves meditation and focusing on positive thought patterns. It is an 8 week process that will guide you in overcoming the stress and anxiety in your life.

Health Insurance Accepted

- Blue Cross Blue Shield
- United Healthcare
- Cigna
- Aetna